affordable seo

Finding an Affordable SEO is not a brain surgery 

It is essential for firms that are looking for growth in their online presence to rank highly on Google’s results pages- as an estimate, 75%-90% of users will click on one of the top results on the first page, therefore, you are losing out on massive potential organic growth if you’re ranking below the top page.

However, with there being one major source of growth and a heavily competitive marketplace, Google is always looking for ways to keep its ranking system fair, making adjustments to its algorithms almost daily! Having to keep up with all of these changes to maintain/achieve a top-level ranking is a monumental task and can be extremely expensive in terms of time and money to do in-house. Therefore, a large amount of organisations are now looking to outsource their SEO to external agencies.

With this rise in demand for SEO specialists, there of course comes a lot of self-proclaimed ‘SEO experts’ who will charge low prices but essentially achieve next to nothing for you and your website. Google put into place a few algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin etc.) that looked to lower the ranking of pages that provide low quality services, and succeeded for the most part. However, these SEO service providers still exist and will still use techniques that will waste your time and money, and may even be detrimental to your website (techniques like ‘keyword stuffing’ and ‘link farming’ can lower your rankings).


Choosing an SEO provider that keeps up-to-date with their methods is therefore imperative for online success. One that can provide not only a high-level of service, but also very affordable SEO services should be your go-to-choice for lowering your business expenses and maximizing your online growth potential.