Internet Marketing Consulting Services

While many clients have in-house SEO staff, most invariably require external expertise from a search-engine marketing firm that is competent, ethical, and reliable to troubleshoot specific problems. To meet this need, our company offers SEO consulting on retainer in which we evaluate the website on a monthly basis and update them on new developments (all based on competitive SEO rates). hubac

Hubac Media Seo Consulting Services

No matter what the specific situation may be, we provide seo marketing consulting services to clients and others and help to guide them through optimizing their site. These consulting services and projects are priced based on your particular needs; the SEO consulting rates begin at $150 an hour.

Website Assessment Services

Our Site Assessment Service has been designed for large and/or complex websites and is employed to address a wide range of natural SEO problems. One client, for example, had an affiliate that was ranked above them for their particular keyword phrases. This was, of course, costly and they needed help with improving their site to increase their ranking.
Another client contracted us because their site traffic was dropping without any reason as to why. This was disturbing to them because they are an advertising company and charged their clients per impression, which would drop along with their site traffic. They contracted this company to critique their site and troubleshoot the source of their problem.
Our SEO Site Assessment Service is invaluable in identifying the numerous and often complex problems that affect sites and their ranking. The main deliverable we offer is a highly-detailed and custom-written report called a Site Assessment Report, which typically average 40-60 pages and include a list of priority items based off of the business model that is being assessed. The SEO Service for Site Assessment begin at a one-time fee of $9000.

Professional SEO Services  internet marketing consulting

Clients typically employ us for SEO operations on their websites so they can focus on running their business instead of worrying about SEO. Whether or not your site is local, national, or international in scope, we optimize a core set of pages and adapt our services directly to the needs of the client, all with affordable SEO rates and fees. Our combination of page optimization and best practices for the client will normally yield the site with the highest rankings in the long run.
Unlike many firms out there, we do not charge per keyword for our professional SEO services. Our SEO rates instead are based on a per page fee – since organic (natural) ranking is based off of relevancy, which is derived mainly from the breadth and depth of content on a site.
SEO is a one-to-many keyword permutation relationship when implemented competently. What this means is a particular keyword can produce multiple variants with other combinations. This relationship is similar but superior to the matching capability on PPC. Most of the time, we target approximately 4 keywords per page, but your results may vary. It is not uncommon to find that if we target 30 keywords, and analyze the log files with our suite of analytics, then the traffic from those keywords produces hundreds of unique combinations.
With some exception as to content development, our competitive Service for your website seo for our professional SEO services are all-inclusive. This list of services is fully described on our SEO services page. If you are intrigued by our SEO services, then we encourage you to read this section and complete the SEO quote request form when you are ready. SEO and PPC for every City County Bay Creek Beach Town District. SEO Marketing and Internet Marketing for your business.