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Why Do I Need Web Analytics Service?    

Online selling and marketing offers many terrific advantages, as evidenced by the fact that the number of businesses that rely solely on internet marketing for business is growing. Your website, therefore, is important enough to be measured routinely for performance. Your investments need to be protected so that you know your money is giving you the right returns and meeting the goals of your business. This is the goal of web analytics services and website traffic tracking.
To do this, web analytics services give you tailored information that shows you how your website is performing – be it well or poorly. You can then take this information and use it to change your website so that it optimizes the return on your investment. This web analytics FAQ is designed to teach you how to do this, so you can begin growing your revenue. Then, you can see why you should outsource web analytics to Hubac for your business needs.
What about Outsourcing Web Analytics ?    web analytics services   
The internet truly is a global phenomenon; as a result, all the data required for quality web analytics is online. This allows us to conduct your web analytics services from any location on the globe, via email or FTP. Hubac has provided web analytics services to both American and International customers, generating self-explanatory reports full of analysis of visitors to your site. Outsourcing web analytics is to ensure a quality analysis of your site.
Why Should I Outsource Web Analytics Services to Hubac?
There are two main resources for web analytics services: expertise and tools. Both of these can be expensive and problematic. Not to mention, the market in the United States is oversaturated with web analytics consultants. These web analytics services can run up to $40,000 a year. Effective web analytics services require marketing and technical knowledge and a good grasp of online marketing skills. Outsourcing web analytics services to Hubac will provide these solutions to you, the client, so that you can have access to qualified web analytics services professionals who specialize in website performance. To do this, our web analytics services suite is designed to give you superbly accurate and incisive information. Outsourcing web analytics services to Hubac will give you cost-effective services if you decide to outsource web analytics.
What Web Analytics Tools Are Used?  
There is a variety of tools that we use that will be explained in this section of our web analytics FAQ. These tools – both in-house and external – are tailored to the size of the organization, extent and frequency of reports, amount of personnel who need to access the information, and whether or not you need real-time data services. Our web analytics services include two options:
Internal team:
A small team that functions from your premises and our premises. This team trains your onshore team, and we assist them with tools, reports, and metrics so that your onshore team can work confidently with in-depth knowledge.
Outsourced team:
To outsource web analytics is a big decision. To help you with this, we offer long-term web analytics services that involve setting up an offshore team dedicated to your requirements. This team will monitor, report, and analyze your sites for optimization purposes. Our combination of tracking and optimization services effectively eliminates the need for manpower from you. Outsourcing web analytics services, therefore, allows you to benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.
What is the Output?
The output will depend on what you want to achieve from our web analytics services. We will gauge your inputs and what we need to measure, then outline in detail how we will measure those specifics (as well as frequency and presentation). We can present these results through Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, or Microsoft Excel, depending on your needs. Following this, we will analyze the data and give you our recommendations. The frequency of our reporting is up to you and can be daily, weekly, or intermittently. We can even deliver ad hoc reporting. These reports will all contain metrics, analysis, and recommendations as a part of our web analytics services. By outsourcing web analytics services to us, you can benefit from this great output.
How Will Web Analytics Help My Business?
Your business has many demands, but the primary ones are meeting goals and increasing your revenue. We at Hubac understand this intimately and have dedicated our web analytics services to helping your business satisfy these demands with flying colors. We can tell you if your budget is being appropriated in a satisfactory manner, which gives you that cutting edge so critical to decision-making and favorable action.
Can I Get Started With a Free Web Analytics Services Trial?
Absolutely; All we need from you to begin your web analytics services is one to two months of log files from your website. We will give you a snapshot analysis of activity on your site and will name areas of your site that could be improved. We will also collect these files from your webmaster or administrator at no cost. We can even coordinate with your hosting provider and collect the files that way. The sooner you begin, the sooner we can help you earn money.
Hopefully this web analytics FAQ has addressed your questions and concerns and helped you decide to outsource web analytics to us at Hubac. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.