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SEO Tools and Toolkit from SEMRUSH


Here are one of the essential SEO Tools in SEMrush, these tools can help you boost your SEO and ranking and take it to another level.


Keyword Overview tool

Use the Keyword Research tool to explore the most appropriate keywords to target to bring more users to your website. It will show which keywords have the most influence over results, and you can track how it fits into your business’s core objectives. 

The Keyword Overview tool

will present an easy tounderstand summary of a specific keyword’s value. This tool measures crucial metrics such as search volume, ad copy, cost per click, etc. This will allow you to find all the information you need to make smart decisions in choosing appropriate keywords to drive traffic to your website via search engines.

Organic Research Tool

The Organic Research tool will allow you to discover which keywords achieve the best results when used, and will show you added strategies to help your ranking on a search engine’s results page.

Positions Report

Check the most popular keywords for a specific domain, and it’s SEO ranking in Google’s results page. This report will display multiple keywords and other SEO benchmarks on how they rank to help influence your digital marketing decisions and strategies.

Position Changes Report

Monitor the shift in a domain’s ranking. With a comprehensive graph, you’ll be able to check on how keyword rankings change over time to give you an overall background of how a keyword performs or to detect their faults. 

Keyword Magic

Our online directory contains over 20 billion keywords for you to explore and analyze. 

Keyword Gap Tool

Search and compare the keyword profiles for 5 domains. Use this competitor research to make expert SEO decisions in relation to selecting appropriate keywords for your business website.

Keyword Manager tool

Instantly explore keywords in real time to understand the changes within SERP features. This database has up to 1,000 keywords to search and analyze.

On-Page Technical SEO Tools

Discover your website’s overall performance and check how it interacts with Google’s AI search bots. With Clix Plus SEO audit tools, you’ll grow new ideas to improve rankability.

Site Audit

Perform an instant audit for your website using a high-speed web crawler that delivers action items to implement. These specific tasks will help improve any problems that are hindering your page. Manage web crawling settings to screen your websites and process any SEO technical inspections. 

On Page SEO Checker

This SEO Checker will give you an extensive file of actionable items to implement to improve website ranking. This list of suggested tactics can include building backlinks, content articles, changing page descriptions to include keywords, and more.

Log File Analyzer

Use this feature to examine your access logs and how a web crawler scans and interprets your website. This tool will give you better insight on how a Google bot views and processes your website, so that you can adjust your SEO strategy as necessary.

Local SEO Tools

Create and implement a master local SEO plan of action so that your business receives organic traffic, converted customers, and local exposure. 

Listing Management

Gain local exposure through trusted business directories. You’ll be able to track your local ranking to a niche degree and review customer ratings from local listings. 

Position Tracking

Monitor your rank status with this tool. Track keywords, device categories, SEO performance, etc.

On Page SEO Checker

Track the activity of competitors in your trade by using this tool to impact your SEO strategy. This tool will show you action items to apply to improve your website’s ranking to maintain a high ranking alongside your competition.

Social Media Toolkit

Manage your social media platforms across the board with this toolkit. You can plan and automate posts to be published on one platform in tandem with other website update releases.

SERP Tracking Tools

Receive up to date notifications on your website ranking through Google’s Search Engine Results Pages to uncover new opportunities to improve your website exposure with Clix Plus.

Position Tracking

Follow metrics on keywords, web competitors, digital marketing campaigns, keyword cannibalization, and other data so you can adapt your strategy accordingly.


Google’s search engine results page rankings change on the daily, and take time to monitor. With this tool, you’ll be able to get an instant update on the search engine’s algorithm fluctuations and gain insight into the modifications happening across different industries.


Research vital information across all global and local markets to gain comprehensive knowledge into what affects organic traffic. This tool will pull key data related to paid keywords, paid advertisements, and cost per click website traffic.

Backlink Analysis Tools

Gain a thorough snapshot of your backlink profile and how it can be enhanced with Clix Plus’s link building tools. Our tools allow you to build backlinks, inspect current backlinks on sites, and track developments from link building activities. 

Backlink Audit Tool

Track all your backlinks with a transparent snapshot of how they are performing. Reclaim any negative backlinks and improve the effectiveness of link building techniques.

Backlink Analytics

Keep informed on competitor’s lost backlinks or any new links, and how they adapt their approaches to link building.

Backlink Gap

Compare backlink profiles for competing domains and discover opportunistic action items to take to build desired backlinks. 

Bulk Backlink Analysis

Build as many backlinks as you can to strengthen your online exposure with this tool. This report will showcase opportunities in your niche market to target to keep up with the competition.

Link Building Tool

By using this tool you can schedule automated outreach campaigns to connect and network with partner sites to build more backlinks.

SEO Competitive Analysis Tools

Gain informative statistics about your direct competition.

Organic Research

Simply input your competitor’s domain name to view data details. Utilize filters in this tool to flip through report pages  to see the competitor’s SERP rankings and other insights. 

Keyword Gap

Discover and locate gaps in the competitor’s keyword strategies to start tackling with your website’s keywords.

Backlink Analytics

Find the competition’s web pages and analyze their backlink profiles. You’ll be able to view their top referring links, and see their latest backlinks (new and lost) to find link building opportunities for you to target. 

Backlink Gap

This simply allows you to locate which backlink profiles connect to competitor websites but not to yours. Target and leverage this link building data to build backlink possibilities for your company.

My Reports

Use this tool to design and create in-depth competitor analysis that you can present professionally in meetings. These PDF charts will present key facts and information on the competitors in your industry so you can easily relay these findings in an easy to read way.